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We’re the Camera Crew Matchmakers

Finding the perfect crew for your video shoot – every time, anywhere – isn’t an easy job. But for the experts at Crews Control, it’s all we know. All too often, the word “perfect” is thrown around by companies and business, regardless of industry…and all too often, the services consumers get back in return are anything but.

We mean it when we say we will match you with the perfect local video crew for your project – whether you are creating a corporate training video, picking up B-roll footage, capturing client testimonials, shooting a medical procedure or covering a live event.


Camera Crews

As the leading creative agency representing the very best video crews and Directors of Photography (DPs) globally, we carefully match our client’s needs with the crew that boasts the gear, creativity, and experience to ensure a successful location shoot – each and every time.

What’s more, our DP’s must possess a minimum of 10 years’ experience, have their own broadcast-level camera package, follow our standardized production values and techniques and exhibit the most professional, creative and energetic attitudes in the business. How do we come to this conclusion? It’s simple: We’ve interviewed thousands of video crews and DPs around the world, evaluated their backgrounds, checked their references and critiqued their demo reels with a keen eye.

We ensure booking a camera crew is simple… that way clients can focus solely on their production; as it should be.

Production Crews

Production is another area Crews Control succeeds in, offering key players such as Production Managers who gather specific shoot information needed for your project and select the perfect local video crew. Think of your Production Manager as an extension of your staff – assisting you with coordinating equipment, call times and any of the dozens of other tasks that go into making a location production run smoothly.

Your Crews Control Production Manager hand-picks the ideal crew for you based on your specs on a per-shoot basis, and because we boast multiple crews in each location, your Crews Control production crew will make sure you are working with the ideal video crew for your project – not just with a crew that “happens to be available.”

You can rest assured knowing your Production Manager is also available 24/7/365 to assist with any logistics or details.


Let Crews Control transform your corporate message like never before.


Camera Crew for Hire in Every Major City

Since 1988, our undivided attention has been on providing the perfect crew for each job…so it should come as no surprise that from New York to Los Angeles, London to Lebanon and Hong Kong to Honolulu, Crews Control boasts a camera crew for hire in every major city around the world.

The creative diversity exuded by our camera crews allows Crews Control to select the ideal crew for each project based on that job’s specific objectives, constraints, and creative aspirations.

Corporate Video Production

Regardless of what your corporate video strategy is for 2017 – and into the future – it is important to make sure you always have the right crew for each job. Crews Control allows you to find a crew perfectly tailored to your project’s specific requirements anywhere in the U.S. or the world.

Crews Control has been at the forefront of the corporate video evolution, routinely improving and adding to our workflow with the latest technologies to vividly advance our storytelling process. We have always possessed the ability to tell a corporate story for our clients; now, with such advancements as portable dollies, drones, 6k cameras, ultra-portable lighting, 8k resolution platforms, supercomputers, image stabilizers and our signature style, authentic corporate video that is gorgeous, dynamic, entertaining and informative has become a reality.

And That’s Just the Beginning…

From securing a production crew for hire to freelance camera crews that are among the most talented, professional and creative in the entire industry, your project’s future looks brighter than ever with Crews Control.

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